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COVID 19: virtual reality to show the damage

By 2 novembre 2020novembre 15th, 2023No Comments

repair of TEE probeToday on our blog, we, as experts in the repair of TEE probe, would like to share a 3D visualization of the damage made by COVID on a patient’s lungs.

While being at war, knowing your enemy is one of the best way to fight it. This is true for the war against COVID we have been fighting for the past years also. In this battlefield, medical imaging is a useful weapon. 

3D Imaging 

The following video was published in march 2020 by Keith Mortman, chief of the division of thoracic surgery in the George Washington university hospital. 

It uses 360 degree virtual reality technology to show the damage done to the lungs of a COVID-19 patient. And even if we call it “virtual” reality, the video is based on real data from a real patient.

Why in 3D ?

This video allows health professionals to understand how the virus spreads. Therefore, they can fight it more efficiently. But Keith Mortman thinks that the general public can watch it too, to understand the damage made by COVID. In the video, the yellow parts are the ones infected by COVID. “It shows a stark contrast between the virus infected abnormal lung tissue and the more healthy adjacent lung tissue.” 

Long term damages

We all know that, in the most severe cases, COVID can cause respiratory distress leading to death. But with this 3D representation, doctor Mortman wanted to  actually show the damages caused by the virus on the lungs.

Doctor Mortman  says that he is “preoccupied” with the long term consequences of the severe form of COVID on the lungs of his patients. With this video, he wants to raise awareness and encourage people to respect social distancing and follow health recommendations.

In the meantime, during this pandemic as always, our laboratory expert in the repair of TEE probe is by your side to fight this virus. Feel free to contact us