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Our services for your probes

The repair of your ultrasound probe comes with a full range of services. These essential services aim to offer you a flexible, complete maintenance solution.

loan of probes

PRS Healthcare has a stock of over 1,200 probes from all brands.

Our efficient management system allows us to guarantee you maximum availability.

Simply contact us, and we will write up an agreement for the provision of probes. The item is shipped during the day if we receive your confirmation in the morning.

Our loaner probes must be returned to us in perfect cosmetic and electronic condition, as per our general terms and conditions of sale.

Loan request

Park’s audit

All studies on hospital ultrasound probe fleets show that 20 to 25% of your probes have visible or invisible problems.

Don’t wait for the problems to get worse: have your probes tested regularly by specialists!

The sooner you service a faulty probe, the better it willl run over time, thus reducing your maintenance costs!

Audit request

PRS Healthcare

Meticulous work, our team’s technical expertise and the use of certified original parts guarantee durable servicing of your devices.

Our repairs are guaranteed for 3 to 6 months depending on the type of ultrasound probe.

The guarantees cover the repairs carried out.

Warranty extensions are also available under certain conditions.

Constact us


Your probes are precious and we know it!

Thus, all transport of your ultrasound probes handled by PRS HEALTHCARE is covered by a specific insurance policy.

Have no fear, your probes are also financially protected against theft, loss and destruction during any transport we provide.

Contact us for any questions.

Transport cases
PRS Healthcare

Protecting your probes during transport is critical.

Our transport cases have been specially designed to ensure maximum protection for your ultrasound probes.

The use of suitable foams keep your probes safe.

These easily identifiable cases will quickly become an essential tool for transporting your probes.

Replacement probe
in standard exchange

If your ultrasound transducer is beyond repair, we have the right solution for you, tailored to your budget.

An original OEM ultrasound probe: reconditioned, demo model, but also new.
PRS has a large network of certified suppliers and makes every effort to offer you the best in quality at competitive prices. We offer all OEM brands on the market at competitive prices. You can now adjust your investment based on your fleet of ultrasound devices and gain greater independence from manufacturers. Our ultrasound probes are of course carefully chosen, tested and guaranteed.