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Medical Imaging : COVID-19 in 3D

By 2 novembre 2020novembre 15th, 2023No Comments

ETO probe repairIn these times of sanitary crisis, knowing your enemy is a must to fight it back. And when dealing with Covid-19, medical imaging is a useful weapon. With 3D visualisation, our lab wanted to show you the damages coronavirus can have on an infected patient’s lungs.

3D Imaging 

Keith Mortman, a doctor at the George Washington University Hospital published a video from a 3D visualisation software in March 2020.  The video was based on authentic data from Dr Mortman’s patient, giving us an insight into virtual reality. 

A video meant for all 

The video not only enables healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of the virus, but for the general public to “look at and understand to what extent this illness damages lung tissues”. In the video, the yellow sections are the ones affected by the virus. 

A variety of pathologies

Covid-19 can cause different symptoms; some infected by the latter can contract a fever, a cough or a heavy fatigue, those being the most likely to be contracted. It can also lead to the loss of the sense of smell and taste. Yet 80% of the infected have a benign condition if not asymptomatic, whilst more serious cases could generate a breathing distress. By sharing this video, the doctor Mortman aimed to shed light on the harm COVID-19 can inflict when becoming a serious case.  

Covid-19’s long term impacts

Still, besides the educational purpose of the video, Dr Mortman claimed to be genuinely preoccupied by the long term effects and consequences of severe cases of coronavirus on patients’ lungs. Sharing this video is a way to do preventative work and to encourage people to respect sanitary instructions and advice. 

Meanwhile, during this odd period, our lab remains open and operational to fight the virus.