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Is too much sleep bad for your health?

By 30 juin 2021novembre 15th, 2023No Comments

réparation de sonde ETO repair of TEE probesSleep plays an important part in our health :  it is crucial, especially in cardiology, to maintain a good quality sleep. At PRS Healthcare, leader in the repair of TEE probes, we can see the terrible effects of the lack of sleep: Studies show that too little sleep can be bad for your heart condition. But how about too much sleep? Do you know the effect oversleeping can have on your health? We are about to see them right now.

Too much sleep!

The risks

People are usually aware of the effects of the lack of sleep on their bodies. But did you know that oversleeping puts you at risk too. According to the National Sleep Foundation, if you sleep too much, you increase your risk of obesity. Moreover, oversleeping may cause headaches, back problems and… heart diseases! That’s why we at PRS Healthcare, as the leader in the repair of TEE probes, want to tell you more about it.

Warning sign

Beyond the impact oversleeping can have you your health, it can also be a warning sign for some underlying condition. A study named “The good life: Good sleepers have better quality of life and less depression” shows that regularly sleeping “more than nine hours is associated with a […] decrease in quality of life and increase in depressive symptoms”. The researchers note that “People may already expect that their quality of life could be decreased when they do not get enough sleep, but they may not realize that sleeping too much can also have a negative impact.”


The right balance

As you know, lack of sleep can cause obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. When you don’t sleep enough, you are also more at risk for depression.

To get a good night’s rest, you need a good quality sleep and a “normal” sleep duration: for an adult, that means six to nine hours per night, not more, not less! And to better the odds at having a healthy lifestyle, don’t forget to walk more!