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Do you have a transport module for the TEE EPIQ probes you are using ?

By 15 February 2023May 30th, 2023No Comments
module de transport sondes ETO

transport module TEE probesUltrasound professionals must take great care of their equipment. Not only their ultrasound machine, but also their probes, and in particular their transesophageal ultrasound probes, which are more fragile than their 2D or 3D counterparts. Fortunately, there is a solution, such as the transport module for your TEE probes, which can be damaged when being moved from one examination room to another, for instance. Today we would like to introduce you to this unique product on the French market, manufactured by vélo médical.


What exactly is this module for the transport of TEE probes?

Guillaume Soulier, CEO of PRS Healthcare, explains: “It’s an accessory that fits behind your ultrasound machine (see picture). “This module allows you to move the transesophageal probe simultaneously with the ultrasound machine, and above all, in complete safety! As this type of probe has a large insertion tube, it cannot be placed on conventional probe holders. Normally, a healthcare professional must find an inappropriate solution for moving their ultrasound machine and TEE probe. For example, they will have to move around with a table at their side to carry the tube in addition to their ultrasound scanner. This is impractical and potentially dangerous in several ways,” he adds.


The benefits of a transport module for your ETO probes

Even though it’s only an accessory, this module is by no means a trivial one. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ll find it indispensable. It offers a number of benefits. It allows you to:


  • EASILY MOVE your TEE probes before and after the examination, thereby REDUCING your maintenance costs by limiting falls and knocks.
  • OPTIMIZE space in your examination rooms thanks to specially adapted storage, so you can GAIN in comfort and patient care.
  • KEEP your pencil probes and ECG cables within easy reach with probe holders to IMPROVE your ergonomics.
  • USE identified single-use transport bags to GUARANTEE the safety of your patients and staff by minimising cross-contamination.
  • CLIP your transport module in a single motion, without the need for equipment or assistance, SAVING your staff time and workspace.
  • Easily ENSURE MAINTENANCE and DISINFECT, therefore maintain optimal availability for each examination.


The health of your patients is paramount!

One of the services that we can offer you for your probes is a fleet audit. Did you know? “Studies of ultrasound probe fleets in hospitals show that between 20% and 25% of your probes have visible or invisible problems.

The protection of your TEE probe with a transport module of this type is also the protection of the health of your patients through better diagnosis. A damaged probe will inevitably affect how the patient is positioned.

module de transport sondes ETO

Technical Specifications


Our transport module for TEE probes is compatible with the following ultrasounds : 

  • EPIQ 7.
  • EPIQ 5.
  • EPIQ Elite.

It is compatible with the following probes :

  • X7-2T.
  • X8-2T.
  • S7-3T.
  • C10-3V.
  • 3D3-3V.


Technical description

This TEE probe transport module is made of medical grade plastic. It has :

  • 3 cable holders.
  • 1 pencil probe holder.
  • 1 lid.
  • It is also supplied with 10 disposable carrying bags.

To find out more

Would you like to know more about this transport module? No problem. You can contact your

  • Contact your usual sales representative.
  • Contact us directly.