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Repair of doppler pen probes


The Doppler echo, going further than the standard ultrasound, has a mode called Doppler that makes it possible to assess the speed of blood flow and the direction of blood circulation in the vessels. The “color doppler” module shows the colored flows on the ultrasound system display.

This ultrasound thus requires the use of a Doppler pencil probe. This is the basic test to explore the venous system. This is the basic test to explore the venous system. It is used, for example, in cases of suspected phlebitis, in the treatment of varicose veins It is also used to analyse the blood exchange between the placenta and the foetus in the case of a pathological pregnancy.

PRS Healthcare ensures the maintenance and repair of yourDoppler pencil probe: sleeve replacement, cable sheath repair, crystal replacement and more. Carrying out regular maintenance on your Doppler probe ensures you will always be working with quality equipment in the best possible conditions.

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