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B&K ultrasound probe repair

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Specializing in ultrasound devices for urology and surgery, the B&K brand is active on the French market via its new BK branch office opened in 2021.
B&K offers a variety of 2D probes such as convex, linear, cardiac, micro-convex and single-plane/biplane endocavity probes.

Its range is composed of the Flex Focus models and the new BK3000, BK5000 and BKspecto devices.

Below is a partial list of B&K’s ultrasound probes

  • 8820 convex probe
  • 830 convex probe
  • 8802 convex probe
  • 8870 high-frequency linear probe
  • 8811 linear probe
  • 8670 linear probe
  • 8667 endocavity probe
  • 8848 biplane endocavity probe
  • 8808e biplane endocavity probe
  • 8819 endocavity probe
  • 8815 intraoperative probe
  • 8827 cardiac probe
  • 8822 vascular probe

PRS Healthcare repairs BK ultrasound probes.

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