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FUJIFILM SONOSITE ultrasound probe repair

Accueil + Probe repair + Brands : + FUJIFILM SONOSITE ultrasound probe repair

Founded in 1998, Sonosite is the world leader in portable ultrasound with a number of innovative models on the market. The company was acquired by Fujifilm in 2012.
Sonosite offers 2D probes including convex, linear, cardiac, micro-convex and endocavity probes.

The ultrasound devices on the market are the M-Turbo, the S Series, the NanoMaxx, the X-Porte, PX, SII, Edge II, and iViz

Below is a list of SonoSite’s latest probes. The letter after the model indicates the corresponding SonoSite probe:

  • C60x convex probe
  • L38x linear probe
  • HFL38 linear probe
  • HFL50x superficial probe
  • C11x micro-convex probe
  • C8x endocavity probe
  • ICTx endocavity probe
  • L25x superficial probe
  • P10x cardiac probe
  • P17x cardiac probe
  • SLA high-frequency superficial probe
  • The transesophageal TEE probe