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HOLOGIC – SUPERSONIC IMAGINE ultrasound probe repair

Accueil + Probe repair + Brands : + HOLOGIC – SUPERSONIC IMAGINE ultrasound probe repair

A French company founded in 2005 and based in Aix en Provence. Supersonic Imagine developed the revolutionary Aixplorer ultrasound system. This ultrasound uses a patented technology called ShearWave Elastography that enables color coding of tissues.
In 2019, the company was acquired by HOLOGIC and then launched two new devices, the MACH20 and MACH30.

Hologic Supersonic Imagine offers a variety of 2D probes such as convex, linear, cardiac, micro-convex and endocavity probes.

Below is a list of probes available in the range:

  • SL15-4 linear probe
  • SC6-1 convex probe
  • SE12-3 endocavity probe
  • XP5-1 vascular probe
  • s SL10-2 linear probe
  • SMC 12-3 micro-convex probe
  • 3DSLV16-5 volumetric probe
  • SLH20-6 high-frequency linear probe
  • SL22-7lab linear probe