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SAMSUNG ultrasound probe repair

Accueil + Probe repair + Brands : + SAMSUNG ultrasound probe repair

This Korean manufacturer came onto the market with the acquisition of medical imaging firm Medison.
Samsung is investing in renewing its range and is now offering new ultrasound platforms. SAMSUNG offers a wide variety of 2D probes including convex, linear, cardiac, microconvex and endocavity probes.

The current range of devices is as follows:

  • R5 ultrasound
  • R7 ultrasound
  • WS80 ultrasound
  • UGEO H60 ultrasound
  • UGEO PT60A ultrasound
  • UGEO WS80A ultrasound
  • ACCUVIX A30 ultrasound
  • ACCUVIX XG ultrasound
  • EKO 7 ultrasound

The current Samsung ultrasound probes are as follows:

  • C2-6 convex probe
  • C7-2 convex probe
  • CN2-8 convex probe
  • LN5-12 linear probe
  • L5-12 linear probe
  • L3-12A linear probe
  • L7-16 linear probe
  • P2-4 cardiac probe
  • P1-4 cardiac probe
  • PN2-4 cardiac probe
  • VR5-9 endocavity probe
  • E3-12A endocavity probe
  • EC4-9 endocavity probe
  • CN4-9 micro-convex probe

PRS Healthcare repairs Samsung Medison probes.

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