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Ultrasound probe wiring is a highly vulnerable part of an ultrasound probe. Indeed, portable ultrasound units are transported throughout an entire hospital for many types of examinations. The ultrasound wiring is very often damaged and requires probe wiring repairsIn the best-case scenario, this could involve just a wiring sheath repair, yet very often more complex probe cable repairs must be performed. During examination or transport, wiring is stretched and the connections into the arrays are broken. Image quality and Doppler performance diminish and must be restored by performing microcoxial soldering. Sometimes, ultrasound probe wiring is also damaged by the wheels of the unit itself rolling over it. In such a case, the transducer wiring repair could end up involving full wiring replacement. A very simple preventive maintenance program could prevent all these very costly probe wiring repairs. Our highly skilled technicians at PRS can perform all of these probe wiring repairs.