Hitachi Lisendo 880 LE

The Hitachi Lisendo 880 LE is part of the new generation of high-end 3D/4D ultrasound scanners for cardiology. It has outstanding clinical performance coupled with state-of-the-art functionality and analytics.
It offers images only in cardiology but in patients of all ages. Thus, it is suitable for adults, pediatrics and fetuses.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , ,
Weight 150 kg
Size 90cm x 55cm x 122cm
Probe type , ,


The Lisendo 880 LE includes many features. They are all based on HDSI (HemoDynamic Structual Intelligence). This is a use of learning data structured by Hitachi’s Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. With this option, a high degree of accuracy in automatic diagnosis is achieved, which therefore leads to significant improvements in workflow.

Pure Image guarantees outstanding image quality in cardiology, greatly increasing the reliability of diagnosis. This device is also equipped with a sophisticated automatic heart function measurement package. LV eFLOW is a non-invasive, high definition and sensitive blood flow imaging mode. Present on the Lisendo 880 LE, this option improves the visualization of the endocardial border in the left ventricle. Other features are of course available on this ultrasound scanner such as IDGD and VFM.

Thanks to the intelligent cardiac measurements of this ultrasound scanner, examinations are fast and precise in a comfortable environment for the patient and the practitioner. Ease of use and consistency of reviews with the implementation of artificial intelligence streamlines the workflow.

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