Portable Ultrasound MINDRAY MX7

The MINDRAY MX7 will provide you with accurate and detailed imaging with its ZST+ technology featuring technical improvements such as advanced acoustic acquisition and dynamic pixel focusing. Count on the MX7’s reliability for quality diagnostics. Find other ultrasound scanners from the MINDRAY range: M7 PLUS, M8

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Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 322±5 mm × 364±5 mm × 44±3 mm
Weight < 4.0 kg
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Easy to carry and use. Its intuitive interface will boost your working capacities with its customizable settings adapting to your needs and emergencies. Integrated with a battery with an autonomy of 8 hours, you enjoy great mobility between your different work environments. An ultra-thin and modular design, allowing you to alternate your work supports with its removable and handy cart, particularly in cramped areas.

With a wide range of ultrasound solutions, the MINDRAY MX7 portable ultrasound scanner will offer you multiple advanced options for your cardiovascular, obstetrical and gynecological imaging. Its GI solution increases the definition of your images by playing on the contrast, the sensitivity resulting in a better uniformity from the superficial field to the deep field.

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