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PRS Healthcare launches YouTube channel

By 15 November 2023January 10th, 2024No Comments
PRS Healthcare chaîne YouTube PRS Healthcare YouTube channel

PRS Healthcare chaîne YouTube PRS Healthcare YouTube channelThere’s no resting on our laurels at PRS Healthcare! With the recruitment of a Sales Assistant and a Methods and Processes Manager, as well as participation in Afib and JFR 2023, autumn has been a busy time for our teams. And we have no plans to stop there. PRS Healthcare launches its YouTube channel! What’s it about? What will we be talking about? We’re about to tell you.

Why has PRS Healthcare launched its YouTube channel? 

To promote ultrasound probes… 

The main idea is to answer your questions. Our customers often have questions about ultrasound probes, but also about our services. “The aim of the channel is to explain and popularise ultrasound probes and to give advice on the care and maintenance of probes,” confirms Guillaume Soulier – founder and CEO of PRS Healthcare.  

… in a humorous way!

What’s more, we think it’s just as important to connect with you and make you smile! That’s why our content is technical, but can be adapted to everyone thanks to its humorous, quirky approach. In fact, our young technicians put on a show and pass the ball around to make sure you have a good time!

What will this YouTube channel be about? 

A bit like an FAQ, our technicians will answer questions on video, such as 

  • What is an ultrasound probe? 
  • What is it used for? 
  • How do you maintain a probe? 
  • Why have an audit? 


Focus on the 1st video 

Our first video has already been published. It deals with a fairly common question: “What is an ultrasound probe ?” . One of our technicians answers a series of questions: What is it? What’s it for? How are they made? How do they work?


In this first video, for example, he explains how the heart of an ultrasound probe works, and more specifically, how piezoelectric crystals work.


To find out more, watch the video below.

Focus on the 2nd video

Our second video has just been released on the 6th of October! In this second video, another technician answers questions such as:

  • What is a 3D ultrasound scan?
  • What is it used for?
  • What are the differences between 2D and 3D scanners?
  • What are the resources and specific features of 3D probes? 

Here’s an excerpt: “2D probes produce two-dimensional images, showing anatomical structures in a single plane. 3D probes can be mechanical or matrix. In both cases, they produce a series of 2D planes at different angles. The ultrasound scanner then reconstructs a 3D image that the clinician can view from any angle” . To find out more, visit our YouTube channel!


What can you do while you wait for the next videos?

First of all, you can support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel. You can also react and tell us what you think! And if you’d like to find out more about our industry, you can also visit our news page. Finally, you can contact us directly and we’ll answer all your questions!