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The era of ultrasound scan’s digitalization

By 18 November 2021November 16th, 2023No Comments
échographie en réalité virtuelle TEE probes

échographie en réalité virtuelle TEE probes

Nowadays when a patient steps out of a medical imaging center after an ultrasound check, he often has two copies of his scan. In other words ha has one on paper and one digital copy. But actually those formats are no longer the norm. Therefore some medical imaging centers have found a new way. Our laboratory, expert in the repair of TEE probes, tells you more.

Everything is online

The idea is starting to sprout in several locations around the world. For instance, in the Bouchard Clinic of Marseille, in France, as the Director David Fleyrat explains. As of September 2019, the clinic offers a digitalization service. In addition this service is free for the patient. “When one of our patients comes in for an X-ray check for example, he doesn’t go home with his prints and his CD any more. We give him an online access, with a secure username and password, that he can give to his doctor to access his data.”

CDs : obsolete technology

Actually the CD is limited by the fact that it cannot offer 3D views like imaging software would do. Most importantly, if you give a CD to a patient, he will have to keep it safe at home. Thats is way this situation can be tricky as the patient has the risk of losing the CD, or having it altered. Finally, nowadays, fewer and fewer computers actually have a CD player installed. What are you supposed to do with your CD in that case?

Win/win situation

This system where patients and doctors have online access to the data is a good solution for all. First of all, for the patient because the risks of losing the results are zero. Actually, even if he loses his username and password combination, it is possible to create a new identification.  

Secondly, for the physician. This platform allows them to gain access to all the medical history of their patient. As David Fleyrat explains : “for the doctors who have a lot of patients, they can have a separate account to have all the medical files handy”.

A solution to be developed 

So when will this system be more broad-based? As an expert in the repair of TEE probes we can clearly see how this could be useful. Ultrasound scan’s digitalization is a real step forward. But for now, the initiatives are still local and there are still a few questions to be answered before developing this technology worldwide.