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PRS is a French company specializing in the maintenance of ultrasound probes, the devices used at hospitals and by radiologists and obstetricians. The ultrasound machine is like a computer, with a screen, keyboard and ultrasound probe. Thanks to an ultrasound conductive gel placed on the probe or directly on the skin, this device gives us images in real time.

The probe is thus essential to the proper functioning of your device. To keep your ultrasound device in top condition, we carry out all types of repairs on different brands of probes, including GE, Siemens, Philips, Toshiba, Aloka-Hitachi and others. From replacing membranes, sheaths and crystals to rewiring ultrasound probes, we perform maintenance on your ultrasound system whatever the problem with your device. To do this, please ask us for a quote or call us at +33 4 72 32 26 26.