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New ERP solution: Improving the customer experience at PRS Healthcare !

By 15 March 2023November 16th, 2023No Comments
laboratoire de réparation de sonde probe repair laboratory

laboratoire de réparation de sonde probe repair laboratory2023 is a year of many changes for PRS Healthcare. This year our company celebrates its 20th anniversary. As we announced at the beginning of March, our probe repair laboratory now offers you an exclusive transport module for your TEE EPIQ probes. Elsewhere, we’d like to announce that we’ve just purchased a new ERP system. But what is an ERP? What is it used for? And most importantly, what benefits will it bring to the healthcare professionals and organisations that rely on us? These are all questions we now have answers to.

What is an ERP ?

An ERP is a software package that enables a company to achieve 360° efficiency gains. It manages processes and helps improve them by making them more fluid. For example, our ERP manages spare parts, consumables, minimum stock levels, quotations, etc. It’s a tool for total production management,” explains Guillaume Soulier, CEO of PRS Healthcare. He continues: “This ensures that a customer’s request is dealt with as quickly as possible.

What are the customer benefits ?

If our probe repair laboratory presents its new ERP to you, it’s because our customers will benefit in many ways ! This list is not exhaustive. Here are the three main ones:

1 – Faster to quote

“Our turnaround time for a quote following a request for cover has decreased considerably,” explains Guillaume Soulier. In fact, it has gone from 2/3 days to just 1 day. That’s more than halving the time taken to respond.

2 – Faster repairs

“Between the time the customer agrees to our proposal to take on the responsibility and the time the probe leaves our laboratory, there are a large number of stages and a large number of people involved. For example, the purchasing department, the technical manager, the technician, the incoming and outgoing inspectors, etc. Our ERP system has enabled us to reduce our average repair time by 23%, from 13 to 10 days.

3 – Spare parts are never in short supply !

Many sectors are currently affected by the post-Covid-19 situation and the war in Ukraine. Ours is no exception. One of the negative consequences is the shortage of spare parts, which can have a major impact on our business. “Fortunately, our ERP has a global view of probe repair procedures. In particular, it knows what part a technician needs to fix a particular fault. When the time comes to avoid or reduce stock-outs, because our ERP manages our minimum stock levels, it is able to send an alert to our purchasing department.

PRS Healthcare constantly on the move

For a number of years now, PRS Healthcare has been the number one laboratory in France for the repair of probes. We are also present in more than 20 countries. But far be it from us to sit back and rest on our laurels ! According to Guillaume Soulier, the new ERP will allow us to “turn the corner and industrialise”. “This improvement in the services we offer has a single objective: to increase the satisfaction of our customers !