Ultrasound BKMED FLEXFOCUS 800

The FlexFocus 800 with its Quantum Technology™, will deliver high quality images on a 19 inch screen. Similar to the BK SPECTRO and the BK 5000, the Flex Focus 800 enjoys great mobility with its compact system. Suitable for use in confined environments such as room, it will accompany you in your daily work as a clinician.

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Integrated with a high quality imaging system, the Color Doppler mode will improve your spatial resolution and the sensitivity of your images during urological examinations. Using Motion Compensated Angular Compound Imaging (MACI) technology, FlexFocus 800 will provide you with superior quality images in real time. Assisted by an Automatic Adjustment Mode (AMA), Mode B will be optimized to ensure quality imaging.

The following applications can be performed with this ultrasound: abdominal, gynecological/obstetrical, musculoskeletal, pediatric, small organs, transrectal, transvaginal and urological.

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