The GE Vivid E95 ultrasound scanner, with cSound performance, makes 4D imaging as easy as 2D imaging. The capabilities of the cSound software cluster are taken to a whole new level, including improved artificial intelligence.
Your diagnostics will also be safer with the improved 2D image quality. And examination times will also be significantly accelerated thanks to automatic Doppler measurements for ETO and ETT probes. In this way, you will greatly strengthen your care team.

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Type of ultrasound
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Weight 128kg
Size 140cm x 56cm x 84cm
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The most important new feature of this GE Vivid E95 ultrasound scanner is undoubtedly the solution for working with a single probe. This technology allows ergonomic working with high quality 2D and 4D, colour and Doppler images. This gives you a simple and complete diagnosis with a single probe. By avoiding probe changes, you save considerable time during your consultations.

Thanks to the QuickApps offered by this device, your workload is greatly simplified. Direct access to the predefined settings is available, and this has no influence on the geometry of the broadcast image. You can now move smoothly through your work with these automated tools that minimise your interactions.
Some applications related to Vivid E95 :

  • Cardiac Auto Doppler: based on artificial intelligence, this tool guarantees Doppler measurements on all cardiac cycles for the most common parameters
  • RVQ Auto 4D: allows simple visualization and quantification of the right ventricle on TTE images
  • Mycrocardial Work: provides more reliable and reproducible results, very efficient especially in patient follow-up

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