The main difference between the GE Vivid E90 and the GE Vivid E95 is the 4D option. The absence of this on the Vivid E90 does not make it obsolete, on the contrary, this ultrasound scanner has all the qualities of the Vivid E95.
As a result, the 2D image quality reaches unprecedented levels, which guarantees high reliability in your analysis results. In addition, you reduce your examination time with automatic Doppler measurements. In addition, the performance and technology of this ultrasound scanner make it a top-of-the-range device.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Weight 98kg
Size 140cm x 58cm x 84cm
Probe type


The ergonomics of the Vivid E90 include a 12-inch UHD LCD touchscreen and a 22-inch adjustable high-resolution widescreen OLED monitor.
To replace the old GE Vivid E9, the Vivid E90 has upgraded the hardware. There are more options for XDclear and single crystal XMatrix transducers, improved quantisation packages and more powerful beamforming software.

The Vivid E90 has a host of advanced features, such as single crystal probes.
The cSound innovation on this device guarantees the performance of artificial intelligence for this ultrasound scanner. As this innovation is present on many Vivid ultrasound scanners, it does not fail to prove its reliability and qualities.

With the XDclear probe technology, we guarantee excellent colour sensitivity as well as extraordinary contrast resolution and spectral sharpness.
In addition, the realistic confocal imaging on this device offers a homogeneous focus. Combined with improved resolution over the entire scan field at high frame rates, this allows for optimal image quality.

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