The GE Vivid T8 ultrasound scanner combines proven cardiac imaging features from the Vivid systems with the performance of the LOGIQ systems’ shared applications.
This machine is reliable and ergonomic. The Vivid T8 is an easy to use and robust ultrasound scanner. Its solidity is its major asset, rich in features and for a fair price, let yourself be convinced!
The image quality offered by the Vivid T8 is of a very high standard. In addition, there is a wide range of software available to enhance the qualities already in place. You can use TVI, AutoEF or AFI.
This device is entirely designed to improve your productivity.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Weight 58kg
Size 71cm x 81cm x 147cm
Probe type , , ,


When designing the Vivid T8, reliability was one of the main criteria. To do this, the device was subjected to extreme vibrations for 20 hours to test its robustness. It also has a wide temperature range, with resistance to very hot temperatures and then to very cold temperatures.
The optimal protection against dust is a quality that should be greatly emphasised. Even when both fans are blocked, the Vivid T8 is completely dust-proof.
If your ultrasound machine were to be turned on and off quickly and within a short period of time, its error rate would be minimal compared to that of another ultrasound machine. The same applies to forced power-downs and probe removal and insertion.

The Vivid T8 offers features specific to cardiology:

  • TVI
  • AutoEF
  • SmartStress
  • AFI
  • TI/ TSI
  • Strain/ Strain Rate

It also offers additional shared applications, including :

  • Auto IMT
  • Virtual Convex
  • Logiq View
  • B-Flow
  • B-Flow Imagine

The Vivid T8 is also renowned for its ergonomic controls, which are easy to access. Weighing only 58 kilograms, it is extremely mobile. The availability of 4 RS probe ports and 4 standard probe ports is a real advantage.

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