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The VitaScan portable bladder scanner from VITACON is a device for measuring bladder volume with an ultrasound system.
The innovation with this device is the ability to perform non-invasive bladder scans. This avoids unnecessary catheterisation, which can be painful and can lead to urethral trauma and/or urinary tract infections. It also guarantees considerable time savings for the teams and greater comfort for the patients.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Weight 1,8kg
Size 7,5cm x 22cm x 20cm
Frequency 3.4 MHz
Scanning angle 130°
Max detection depth 100mm, 160mm ou 230mm


The VitaScan is fast, easy to use and very effective. Its accuracy is a real asset. Moreover, it is not necessary to have ultrasound skills to use this tool.
The reports provided by the Bladder Scan can be printed directly from the Bladder Scan, via its internal printer, or stored on a USB stick in JPEG format. It also includes automatic volume calculations.
The VitaScan probe has a USB port so that data can be processed directly on the computer after downloading a simple application.
The image processing is a real innovation and is one of the many strengths of this camera. This processing provides clear, crisp images with full page display for PDF, JPEG and DICOM formats.

This ultrasound bladder scanner is portable to make it even easier to use. Its intuitive design for transport makes it very practical. Although it is prudent to protect it when travelling.

By investing in a VitaScan, you will always be at the forefront of innovation. This device offers software upgrades and new features that can improve system performance. It is also compatible with all DME systems found in hospitals.
The VitaScan contains the components to perform the three-dimensional rendering of the bladder. It is also able to provide the ultrasound image to calculate the volume of urine, before and after urination.

Some precautions for taking care of the VitaScan:

  • Do not use it if it has been immersed in liquid to avoid the risk of electric shock
  • Be careful not to twist the cables as this may cause failure or intermittent operation
  • Be careful not to short-circuit the USB or Ethernet terminals
  • Always recharge the battery before using the device to avoid the risk of the device switching off during use
  • Do not use the VitaScan if the probe head or cable is damaged
  • Do not throw away the battery

These are just examples of precautions to take when using the VitaScan.

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