GE Vivid i

The GE Vivid i is a mid-range ultrasound machine designed primarily for cardiac examinations. It incorporates many of the same imaging technologies found in other GE ultrasound products. In parallel, it also offers powerful cardiac imaging capabilities.
It is compatible with adult and paediatric TEE probes which are not usually compatible with ultrasound scanners of this price.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Weight 4,5kg
Size 30cm x 36cm x 6cm
Probe type , ,


The Vivid i laptop beats its competitors in terms of attributes and values. With innovative features on a device like this, practitioners will be able to receive their test results quickly and with confidence.
There is now more storage on the Vivid i with 40 gigabytes available. Its portable function allows it to move directly to a patient if the patient is not able to do so. The rechargeable battery offers up to one hour of autonomy. In short, this portable ultrasound scanner offers many advantages!

This portable ultrasound scanner includes interesting features such as:

  • 15-inch LCD monitor
  • Triplex imaging capabilities
  • Blood flow imaging (B-flow)

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