Hitachi Arietta 750 VE

The Hitachi Arietta 750 VE is part of the Arietta series to which we add for example the Arietta 850 and 850 SE, the Arietta S60 or the 65. This device offers an ideal experience with high image quality, flexibility, and high-end measurement capabilities at a relatively affordable price.
The Arietta 750 VE specializes in endocrinology, cardiology, gynecology/obstetrics and radiology applications. This makes the device a competent ultrasound machine that can meet a number of demands.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Application , , , ,
Weight 136kg
Size 90cm x 55cm x 122cm
Probe type , , ,


The Arietta 750 VE allows you to obtain high quality images with a wide choice of options. And best of all, thanks to advanced measurement technology, this ultrasound scanner guarantees the diagnostic management of your patients. This technology also includes criteria and indices for various organic functions.

This ultrasound scanner has many features. Here are some of them that we quote as an indication, this list is by no means exhaustive.

  • Highly sensitive color mode to replace contrast agents
  • Dedicated probes for optimal needle guidance
  • B Mode
  • Advanced elastography features
  • Contrast imaging
  • Advanced fusion imaging features
  • Advanced vessel and blood flow analysis tools

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