GE Vivid iq

The GE Vivid iq portable ultrasound scanner is designed to help you reduce time-consuming tasks so you can spend more time with your patients.
The Vivid iq is the first high-end portable ultrasound scanner. Its image quality is nothing like that found on conventional portable ultrasound scanners. Its ergonomics and design offer users real working comfort.

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It specialises in the assessment of lung function, including COVID-19, through rapid presets. With AI, manual measurements with the cursor are performed in only three steps: Freeze – Measure – Auto.
A wide range of Doppler measurements can be performed in two steps: Freeze – Measure.

The new interface of the Vivid iq is suitable for both left and right handed users. It is the installation of a touchpad and an ergonomic wrist rest accessory that guarantees this essential comfort for all practitioners. It also limits the need to use the touch screen too frequently. Equipped with three optional batteries, this ultrasound scanner is capable of performing examinations for over 180 minutes.
It is compatible with all RS probes and has three ports for them, it also supports the 6VT-D

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Weight 5,2kg
Size 6cm x 39cm x 36cm
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