Philips CX50

The Philips CX50 ultrasound scanner is a portable device used primarily for gynaecological, obstetric and radiological imaging.
First launched in 2009, it remains one of the only portable ultrasound systems that supports xMatrix transducers and single crystalPureWave.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , , ,
Weight 6kg
Size 36cm x 41cm x 8cm
Probe type , ,


As a portable ultrasound scanner, the CX50 is very easy to move from one department to another. It is as well integrated in emergency departments as in operating theatres where space is limited and already highly congested.

The CX50 offers 4D imaging in cardiology using the X7-2t xMatrix probe. It does not, however, have a 4D application in gynaecology/obstetrics.
It remains a highly reliable device with powerful, high-quality imaging. The integrated features also allow better treatment of difficult-to-image patients.

Among the many features available on this ultrasound scanner, here are a few:

  • iSCAN intelligent optimisation
  • Advanced XRES adaptive image processing
  • Live comparisons
  • Live xPlane
  • Live 3D TEE

Another example is the QLAB ROI, which is a plugin within QLAB that uses the contrast of 2D imaging to increase the consistency and reliability of acoustic measurements. In parallel, QLAB 3DQ GI enables the visualization, quantification, cropping, rotation and measurement of the 3D image data set.

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