Philips IU22

The Philips IU22 ultrasound scanner was launched in 2004 and follows on from the Philips IE33. It has undergone many improvements and revisions over the years. Thus, for the brand, it is the reference for ultrasound scanners specialising in gynaecology/obstetrics. It is also equipped with xMatrix transducers, which gives extra functionality at a reasonable cost.
It offers a wide range of applications such as paediatrics, radiology and elastography. However, the Philips IE33 still performs better for cardiovascular applications.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , , , ,
Weight 145kg
Size 152cm x 57cm x 113cm
Probe type , ,


Replaced by the EPIQ 5, the Philips IU22 continues to be the first choice due to its affordable price range for physicians requiring high image quality.
It is a high-end shared service ultrasound unit offering superior image quality through xMatrix transducers. These offer the best aspects of single crystal and 4D transducers.

The IU22 ultrasound scanner has the following advantages:

  • 3D/4D imaging
  • xMatrix technology (on some versions)
  • Tissue Doppler imaging
  • Stress Echo
  • Speckle reduction imaging

But these are not the only advantages of this ultrasound scanner. It also has a 17-inch LCD touch screen monitor. Contrast imaging and composite imaging are supplied with the device as well as the scanning assistant.

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