SAMSUNG HS30 Ultrasound

Similar to the HS40, the SAMSUNG HS30 provides superior and optimal imaging quality. Using its HQ-Vision ™ and ClearVision technologies, your ultrasounds will not suffer from the appearance of artifacts and noise. Enjoy a sharp, uniform 2D image by reducing the blurring characteristic of ultrasound images.

The S-Harmonic ™ tool will take care of reducing the noise of the sound signal to provide a clear image, no matter the depth field. While MultiVision, will bring you a special resolution and remarkable contrast.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 1,393 mm x 519 mm x 664 mm
Weight 48 Kg


Featuring advanced technologies, the SAMSUNG HS30 ultrasound, allows for semi-automatic biometry measurement at the touch of a button, facilitating data taking and diagnostic consistency (BiometryAssist ™). To prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease, AutoIMT+, has been implemented to simplify the measurement of the intima-media thickness of the anterior and posterior wall of the common carotid artery. Ensure your exams are safe with its NeedleMate+ ™ feature that allows for precise needle location during a procedure.

Other features available on The HS40:

  • Strain+
  • Panoramic+
  • LaborAssist ™
  • ElastoScan ™
  • 3D XI
  • NT 2D

Thoughtful design for every clinician to optimize their daily procedures. Creation of predefined protocols based on the type of application and/or probe used on a recurring basis. Ability to compare two ultrasound images in split view for more complete and consistent analyses.

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