The SAMANSUNG RS85 Prestige ultrasound scanner is integrated with multiple advanced technologies so you can deliver the best care possible. Equipped with Crystal Architecture™ technology, it adds the ability to provide high definition images (and that’s regardless of the depth of field examined) (CrystalBeam™) as well as enhanced Doppler and 2D imaging (CrystalPure™). Gain clear vision on certain blood vessels or other hard to distinguish structures with these tools. Face the most challenging situations with confidence.

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Noise reduction leading to a clarified image of structure and contours (PureVision™). On-screen enhancement of blood flow with its particularly sensitive color Doppler (S-Flow™). Visualization of the finest layers with its quadrupled spatial resolution (HQ-Vision™) and three-dimensional reproduction of the structure and individual organs (LumiFlow™).

With the SAMANSUNG RS85 Prestige ultrasound scanner, give yourself the best possible diagnostics.

Because productivity is paramount, this ultrasound scanner features two screens (one of which is tiltable touchscreen) so you can best manage your workflow. Customizable buttons and controls so that each practitioner can create their own appropriate work interface. And a panel that can be adjusted to suit the environment you’re working in.

Advanced solutions to boost your workflow:

  • EzPrep™
  • SonoSync™
  • RIS Browser

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