Equipped with a variety of technologies and features, the ACUSON X700 is positioned as the leader in the ACUSON X category. Shaped with the best equipment from the ACUSON S ™ line, it benefits from a high-performance imaging system ensuring reliability for your diagnostics. A design researched and pushed to facilitate your daily examinations, itisthe same for the following models: ACUSON Freestyle, ACUSON NX3.

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Type of ultrasound
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Weight 98 Kg
Size 138cm x 55cm x 90cm


A veritable technological feat with a 20 inch screen, the ACUSION X700 features a Clarify™ technology designed to improve vascular tissue resolution, the Dynamic TCE™ tool for tissue contrast enhancement, as well as Advanced SieClear™ imaging that improves contrast resolution and reduces artifacts during the exam.

The ACUSION X700 can be used for cardiovascular, gynecological/obstetrical, vascular, transesophageal, transcranial and urological imaging. The ACUSION X700, will push you towards examinations and diagnoses always more qualitative and precise.The ultrasound scanner in question will allow you to reach various modes of imageries:
– Split Mode
Color Doppler
Power Doppler
Pulsed Doppler
automatic M Mode
Dual Mode

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