The GE LOGIQ e is without doubt the most versatile portable ultrasound scanner. Being portable and very popular, it offers excellent value for money. This ultrasound scanner is ideal for mobile departments, small offices and tight budgets.
This makes it extremely valuable and therefore in high demand.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , , , , , ,
Weight 4,5kg
Size 8cm x 36cm x 33cm
Probe type , ,


Seeing clearly, seeing quickly and guiding precisely were the key words when the LOGIQ was created.
Combining lightness and power, the LOGIQ e meets all general imaging needs. Its imaging engine is derived from proven GE systems, so it provides sharp images in a compact package.

The LOGIQ e is certainly still the best-selling ultrasound scanner. It owes its popularity to its versatility and low price. Although it does not offer the best image quality, it is still competitive and the ultrasound scanner is considered to be a good performer in the imaging fields.
It can also be used in many situations, hence the great interest in it.

This ultrasound scanner has software for needle guidance, Tissue Doppler, CW Doppler and a wide variety of imaging presets. The DICOM network configuration is quite powerful and has good configurations for a portable ultrasound scanner.

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