Suitable for all types of environments, both spaced and restricted, it has great mobility in areas where space is limited. The SONOSITE SII is designed to be intuitive so that each examination is as precise and consistent as possible. With its touch screen allowing to pass from the manipulation of the cursors, to the zoom and to the selection of the color zone, this ultrasound scanner is adapted to its user and to his requirements. Other SONOSITE ultrasound scanners: SONOSITE PX, SONOSITE Edge II.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , , ,
Size 44cm x 29cm x 12cm
Weight 5,7 kg


The SONOSITE SII, in addition to its interface and its portable capacity, offers a clear image, especially during pulsed and/or continuous Doppler examination. An image quality that is confirmed when it comes to analyzing blood vessels or nerves strengthened on the screen using a more sensitive color mode. Useful for musculoskeletal, venous, gynecological, abdominal, arterial and cardiological examinations.

It can be used with many types of transducers: convex, micro-convex, linear and cardiac:It allows access to different types of ultrasound imaging thanks to its different modes:
Tissue harmonic imaging
Color Doppler
M Mode
Color velocity

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