The Toshiba Aplio 400 is a high-end ultrasound system based on the same platform as the Aplio 500. This ultrasound scanner can be used as a general or specialised system, depending on the software installed.
The device has a wide range of applications, including paediatrics and neonatal, headache, cardiology and musculoskeletal and foetal.

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Weight 130kg
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The aplio 400 is positioned and sold as a high-end system. Depending on the function of the option configuration, it still holds an excellent reputation in radiology by offering a wide collection of intraoperative probes. The superb image quality as well as the specialised radiology options provide a wide range of skills for radiological examinations.

Despite its many qualities in radiology, this ultrasound scanner deserves to be improved in cardiology and workflow. The 4D quality in gynaecology/obstetrics is not the best when compared to competitors like GE or Samsung.

The ultrasound console is fully programmable. You can swap the buttons to make them more relevant to your area of expertise. This device is also designed to provide quality images in a short time. It also offers an analysis of the images obtained which allows practitioners to give a quick diagnosis.

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