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Customer feedback : the PRS Healthcare/Philips co-contracting agreement

By 14 April 2023November 16th, 2023No Comments
maintenance de sondes échographiques

In December 2020, PRS Healthcare announced its co-contracting partnership with Philips for the repair of ultrasound scanners and the maintenance of all brands of ultrasound probes . Our alliance continues 18 months later. Today, PRS Healthcare, France’s leading ultrasound probe repair laboratory, is joined by Stéphane BACZYNSKI, Chief Biomedical Engineer at Reims University Hospital. He is a healthcare professional who has chosen to be a co-contractor. What a better speaker for the subject !


Three questions to Stéphane BACZYNSKI

“Why entrust your ultrasound fleet to Philips and PRS Healthcare?

In my opinion, an ultrasound maintenance contract is closer to an insurance profile than to a well thought-out preventive… And/or curative maintenance. The experience of a previous third party contract with PRS Healthcare has made it possible for us to extend this service to the maintenance of all brands of ultrasound probes.

ultrasound probesHow many ultrasound scanners, probes and different brands are involved?

We have a fleet of 70 ultrasound scanners in this market of the Hospital Buyers Network (RESAH). This fleet made up mostly of General Electric and Philips equipment, as well as a few Hitachi, Toshiba/Canon, Aloka and Esaote devices. This fleet includes 250 ultrasound probes.

Why did you choose these two companies for the maintenance of your ultrasound scanners?

We were initially convinced by our experience with PRS Healthcare… In probe management and maintenance, audit and critical analysis of the ultrasound probe fleet and loan of probes during the maintenance period.

Then we naturally wanted to include the ultrasound scanners in the contract. The choice of Philips after-sales service was obvious as we had a multi-brand fleet to look after.

You can find out more about the whole service on

ultrasound probesBenefits of co-contracting with PRS Healthcare and Philips

As we mentioned when we announced our co-contracting partnership and its benefits, we asked you 3 important questions:

  1. What if you could achieve what you set out to achieve, i.e. reduce the cost of maintaining your equipment ?
  2. What if your organisation could rely on fluid asset management to focus on tomorrow’s challenges ?
  3. What if you could simplify the maintenance of your ultrasound scanners and probes by choosing co-contractors ?

Having thought this through, here are the key benefits:

  • Optimise costs with controlled rates and avoid the extra costs associated with a dedicated tender.
  • Guaranteed quality of service by choosing a trusted partner.
  • Save operational and administrative time with a single point of contact.

Did you know? The joint offer of PRS Healthcare for the maintenance of ultrasound probes and the management of the Philips ultrasound scanner fleet is referenced by the Hospital Buyers Network.