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Probe repair
TEE ultrasound

Accueil + Probe repair + TEE ultrasound probe repair

PRS HEALTHCARE specializes in repairing TEE probes. The term TEE probe is understood to mean the probe used for transesophageal ultrasounds. This medical exam is, like all sonograms, an ultrasound imaging method. It is the probe which, by emitting ultrasound, sends back the image of the examined areas.

The TEE probe is highly specific: it is inserted through the mouth then the pharynx and then descends into the esophagus. We can thus see areas of the heart that are difficult to reach using transthoracic echocardiography (in which case the probe is simply affixed, using a conductive gel, to the thorax).

Transesophageal probes are the most expensive, most fragile ultrasound probes in manufacturers’ catalogues. TEE probes are often bitten by patients during examinations or deteriorated due to disinfection, handling or storage. PRS is highly experienced in repairing these TEE probes or transesophageal probes. We service 2D TEE probes as well as 3D probes for high-end ultrasound systems, such as the Philips X7-2T, X8-2T, GE 6VT-D and Siemens Z6Ms probes.

If your TEE probe is damaged, you can confidently have its repaired by PRS HEALTHCARE.