BKmed bk5000

Designed to be easy to use in any environment, the bk 5000 will allow you to combine convenience and efficiency. With its 19-inch screen, it offers a high quality image to facilitate your diagnoses, especially during arterial and/or venous type examinations. From a simple routine check-up to major surgical procedures. The bk 5000 will adapt to your needs with its multiple technological options. Find other ultrasound scanners of the BKmed brand: BK Spectro, FlexFocus 400.

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Type of ultrasound
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Modes 2D, 3D
Probe type , ,


With an optimized start-up time, wasted time is not a possibility with this ultrasound scanner. This time saving is also reflected in the automatic adjustment of the image, providing the most detail and crucial information. Superior imaging quality enhanced by its “contrast” mode to help visualize areas that are not very visible on the screen.

Benefiting from a 2D/3D mode, the bk 5000 will be effective during gynecological/obstetrical, abdominal, musculoskeletal, vascular, pediatric, urological and colorectal examinations. This ultrasound scanner has different imaging modes:

  • B Mode
  • M mode
  • Power Doppler Mode
  • Mode CFM
  • Contrast imaging

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