Canon Aplio a450

The Canon a450 ultrasound scanner incorporates imaging technologies, advanced applications and intuitive controls. These are intended for practitioners with sustained rhythms within the imaging departments.
This ultrasound scanner is distinguished in many applications. Examples include urology, cardiology, headache, small organs, transrectal and transvaginal.

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The Aplio a450 is equipped with the aBEAM technology found in all Aplio ultrasound scanners. This technology provides high definition images and advanced penetration.
This ultrasound scanner is compatible with many probes. It is designed to increase their efficiency and lightness, which translates into clinical versatility. This wide range of probes guarantees very high productivity while also helping to reduce the cost of specialist probes.

Like its counterparts, the Aplio i800 and Aplio i700, the Aplio a450 has an adjustable height of 36cm, a laterally movable panel and a screen mounted on an articulated arm. This allows you to adjust the console to best suit your needs.
The large touch screen of this device has 3 interactive zones. This allows you to navigate and select the desired function quickly. The rest of the display remains unchanged.

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