Canon Aplio i800

The Canon Aplio i800 ultrasound scanner sits between the Aplio i700 and the Aplio i900. It is a versatile, high-end system. It focuses on highlighting Canon’s clinical reputation and image quality in radiology.
A wide range of applications are supported by this ultrasound scanner. We can mention obstetrics, gynaecology, abdominal, paediatrics, headache or transvaginal and urology.

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Weight 110kg
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The Canon Aplio i800 incorporates many of Canon’s own technologies. For example, it has the iBEAM digital architecture. It also offers a number of high-performance hardware options, with a fully customisable 12.1-inch LCD touch screen. Its 4 active probe ports allow compatibility with more probes.
It is possible to add the volume matrix to this unit, which is a standard option on the Aplio i900. The Aplio i800 can produce a high number of cardiac images with both a TEE and a linear probe.

This ultrasound scanner is compact, light and very easy to handle. The height of its console is adjustable over 36cm as well as a side slide and an articulated monitor arm.

The main difference between this ultrasound scanner and the Aplio i700 is the Dynamic Micro Slice function for the use of matrix transducers. It also has a multiplexing function used to perform Quad View for CHI.
Other features available on this ultrasound scanner include:

  • ApliPure+
  • Intelligent 3D
  • Multiplexage
  • D-THI

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