Hitachi Arietta 50

The Hitachi Arietta 50 is the entry-level model in the Arietta series, which also includes the Arietta S60, 65, S70 and 850 SE. This device combines carefree workflow, clear imaging and clean applications.
Being highly automated, this platform allows the practitioner to focus on the patient to the maximum. It reduces practitioner fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders.
It offers applications in cardiology, endocrinology, orthopedics and also in radiology.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Application , , ,
Weight 64kg
Size 132cm x 77cm x 53cm
Probe type , ,


The Arietta 50 has a 21.5 inch LCD screen with high contrast. As a result, the images have a high sensitivity and resolution. The touch screen panel is 10.1 inches. It is possible to customize the layout of the applications on this screen. Your clinical examinations will only be improved.

This ultrasound scanner is composed of intelligent automatic functions to ensure a smooth workflow. Gain, base position and speed range are adjustable with the Auto Optimizer.
Approximately one hour of soft exam can be performed on a battery without the need for the ultrasound machine to be plugged in. This is a real asset in the emergency department for example. The feed hook, handles and folding mechanism help move the system safely.

Now we can mention some applications of this ultrasound scanner.

  • Trapezoidal scan: wider fields of view and improved visualization of surrounding vessels, organs and tissues
  • Free Angler M-mode: allows comparison of wall and valve movement from multiple angles in the same heartbeat
  • Auto IMT: automatically measures Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) values
  • Auto Trace Doppler: real time values of the maximum speed of the blood vessels resistance

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