Hitachi HI VISION Preirus

The Hitachi HI VISION Preirus ultrasound scanner is part of the HI VISION series along with the HI VISION Avius ultrasound scanner. It is a new generation device with an advanced ergonomic architectural design, it is one of the latest technologies also developed by this brand.
The HI VISION Preirus has applications in neurology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, radiology, surgery, rheumatology and urology.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , ,
Weight 190kg
Size 45cm x 90cm x 155cm
Probe type , , , ,


The first thing we can note about this ultrasound scanner is without a doubt its ergonomics. The unique design of the HI VISION Preirus allows for precise adjustment to facilitate the performance of examinations. The operator console and LCD display move with a rotating arm, making diagnosis a more comfortable experience for both patient and practitioner.

Among the many features that we find on the market, HI VISION Preirus has a good number of them. Here are some of them, this is a non exhaustive list:

  • Hitachi Real-Time Tissue Elastography
  • Harmonic imaging with dynamic contrast
  • Network connectivity
  • Network transfer
  • Intelligent patient administration
  • Patient scan selector
  • Advanced imaging technology
  • Correction of dependent patients