Hitachi Pro Sound F37

The Hitachi Pro Sound F37 is a simple and compact system. It offers many ergonomic and optimized features. It also provides relevant and easy-to-understand diagnostics. This device is part of the same line of ultrasound scanners as the Pro Sound F75.
With the Pro Sound F37, the range of applications is wide. It ranges from gynecology/obstetrics to cardiology, endocrinology, radiology or even gastroenterology and urology.

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Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , , ,
Weight 65kg
Size 45cm x 58cm x 144,5cm
Probe type , , ,


The Pro Sound F37 has simple operational features that provide a smooth and efficient workflow. The necessary controls related to the examinations are intuitive, the goal being to allow a limited amount of time for data processing.

Small in size, this ultrasound scanner is easy to move. One of the reasons it can be so space-saving is because of the software-based features, a compact system that offers faster processing and low power consumption. The panel can be rotated and allows the practitioner to work optimally.

Now we can mention some of the great features of the Pro Sound F37. The double dynamic display allows you to have access to an image in B mode and an image in Flow mode. Both can be displayed side by side in real time. This greatly facilitates the anatomical understanding of blood flow.
This ultrasound scanner is also composed of :

  • Trapezoidal scan
  • Broadband harmonics
  • Adaptive image processing
  • High performance LCD monitor
  • High frame rate zoom
  • Compound spatial imaging

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