Philips HD11XE

The Philips HD11xe ultrasound scanner is a very popular mid-range device. It was the brand’s best-selling ultrasound machine for over a decade.
The HD11xe offers very good value for money. It does, however, give access to high-end qualities such as 4D or TEE. It offers more transducer options than any other mid-range or even high-end device.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Application , , , , , ,
Weight 100kg
Size 130/147cm x 56cm x 112cm
Probe type , , ,


The Philips HD11xe replaces the old HD11. An articulated arm LCD monitor has been added as well as software upgrades such as QLAB. It remains an excellent shared-service ultrasound machine, providing access to high-end features. We can mention the 4D and the superb heart support.

This ultrasound scanner is still in great demand after its production run. It offers great value both as a new and refurbished system. It has been replaced by the Affiniti 50.

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