MINDRAY M5 Portable Ultrasound

The MINDRAY M5 is a portable ultrasound scanner that is multifunctional. Capable of performing various ultrasound images, it will accompany you throughout your various clinical practices. Easy to carry, it will adapt to your environment by responding to your emergencies. Easy to use, don’t compromise between practicality and quality with its Color Doppler system and its high performance 2D imaging. You can also find the M7 and   MX7 in the MINDRAY portable ultrasound range.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 361 mm × 357 mm × 75 mm
Weight 6.33 kg


Portable yet powerful, the MINDRAY M5 portable ultrasound scanner is capable of producing clarified harmonic imaging through its PSHI TM technology. This results in improved contrast resolution providing a clear image with reduced on-screen noise. To access a more detailed and accurate visualization of your ultrasound, the iBeam TM and iClear TM solutions will adjust the contrast resolution and visualization. Superior image quality to distinguish the smallest details: sharper and continuous edges, smooth uniform tissue.

Other tools available for superior imaging quality:

  • IMT (Intima Media Thickness)
  • ExFOV
  • B direction
  • Free Xros M TM

Enjoy unparalleled ergonomics, alternate your work platforms with its specially designed cart with a handle. Optimize your days and diagnoses by using these advanced tools :

  • iTouch TM
  • iStationTM
  • iZoomTM
  • iStorage?
  • iRoamTM

Boost your performance and the quality of your exams.

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