Portable Ultrasound MINDRAY M9

The Mindray M9 portable is presented as an innovative ultrasound scanner with premium capabilities. Equipped with a variety of features to improve signal transmission and reception. The M9 will bring you clear and detailed imaging never before seen in a portable range.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 362±5 mm X 390±5 mm X 59±3 mm
Weight < 6.5KG


The 3T technology of the M9 compatible probes provides a much sharper image using single crystal technology. Enhanced image quality with dynamic color flow. Featuring multiple technologies such as Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Tissue Specific Imaging, Echo Boost™, iClear™ and Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging.

This portable ultrasound scanner versatile in its applications will facilitate and detail your analyses. Aiming to optimize and streamline your work time, iWorks™ technology is built into the system. Featuring a 15.6″ LED HD monitor and a body made of lightweight magnesium alloy, the MINDRAY M9 portable ultrasound scanner is ready to follow you in your daily practice.

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