SAMSUNG HERA W10 ultrasound

Like the HERA W9, the SAMSUNG HERA W10, enjoys Crystal Architecture ™ technology that ensures exceptional imaging quality as well as performance. By combining CrystalBeam ™ and CrystalLive ™, access reworked 2D imaging for sharp, detailed images regardless of the depth field being examined. Capable of displaying 3D and 4D images, take your information gathering to the next level.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 1,340~1,695 mm x 598 mm x 955~1,265 mm
Weight 153 kg


Thought to surpass your expectations and already existing expert techniques for women’s health. CrystalLive ™ technology offers multiple benefits: gain superior imaging quality by removing shadow areas, existing blur and better definition of tissue boundaries. A color Doppler allowing a three-dimensional visualization of blood flow (LumiFlow ™). A highlighting of the microvascularized structures of the slowest flows thanks to a power Doppler (MV-Flow ™). CrystalLive ™ brings together all the technology you need.

The CrystalBeam ™ tool brings a new dimension to your imaging with arbitrary waveform transmission, massive parallel beamforming and combined synthetic aperture technology. The frame rate is accelerated giving a smooth and accurate image.

Other options available on the SAMSUNG HERA W10 ultrasound scanner:

  • HeartAssist 
  • ViewAssist 
  •  Uterine Contour
  •  BiometryAssist 
  •  Tranche A
  •  5D CNS+ 
  •  Vol. des membres 5D 
  •  MPI+

Designed for the comfort of the practitioner, but also the patient. Reflected and developed with the help of multiple practitioners and patients. The SAMSUNG HERA W10 ultrasound scanner, adapts to any type of case and environment with its removable stands. Touch screen with customizable interface. This state-of-the-art ultrasound scanner will provide you with multiple ultrasound services.

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