SAMSUNG V7 Ultrasound

he SAMSUNG V7, allows you to perform a wide range of applications while ensuring a quality of expertise for each ultrasound examination. In order to support you and facilitate your daily life, this ultrasound scanner provides you with various functions and options to improve your imaging and diagnosis.

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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 1.370 ~ 1.698 mm x 21.5” 549 mm x 964 mm
Weight 80 Kg


A 2D imaging that delivers a high definition quality thanks to its different technologies (ClearVision, ShadowHDRTM, HQ-VisionTM) reducing the appearance of noise as well as shadow areas. The SAMSUNG V7 ultrasound scanner allows an optimized flow visualization, able to detect the weakest flows. A detailed representation of the micro-vascularization that ensures reliability and consistency during diagnosis (MV-FlowTM, LumiflowTM, S-FlowTM).

Dedicated to several ultrasound tasks, the V7 will meet the needs of women with its S-Detect™ for Breast function aimed at providing a diagnosis regarding lesions detected on the breast thanks to the RADS® ATLAS data system. Capable of measuring IMT (AutoIMT+), you will only have to press a button to evaluate the thickness of IMT to prevent possible cardiovascular disease.

Other features available on this ultrasound machine:

  • NeedleMate+™
  • S-Shearwave Imaging™
  • Strain+
  • ArterialAnalysis
  • S-Detect™ for Thyroid
  • NerveTrack™
  • AutoEF
  • NerveTrack™
  • Panoramic+
  • S-Fusion™
  • CEUS+
  • ElastoScan+™

Fully customizable touch interface (TouchEdit) and connectable to the RSI server. The ability to predefine certain actions and applications with the EzExam+™ feature, organize your screen the way you want. Expand your field of view via different display modes on your screen. Define your own work interface to optimize and increase your productivity.

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