Siemens Acuson SC2000

The Siemens Acuson SC2000 ultrasound scanner is specialized in cardiology, from infants to adults. It is a device of the same range as the Acuson S100, S2000 and S3000 but offering only cardiology, and what follows, as application.
It combines a very high data processing capacity with a suite of advanced options that greatly simplify examinations.

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The Acuson SC2000 allows us to redefine the future standards of 2D ultrasound and full volume imaging. It offers us an advanced solution to perform all the examinations in a few clicks. Technologies improve the reproducibility of measurements thanks to automated tools that we find more in recent platforms.

Quantifications are numerous and easily accessible, especially of ventricular function, both in volume and 2D imaging. The work protocols are largely custom-made. The 3D device can be used in all circumstances, including routine examinations, to best meet the needs of practitioners.

A large part of its functionalities can be found in the product sheets of the ultrasound scanners of the range: Acuson S1000, Acuson S2000, Acuson S3000.

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