Ultrasound MINDRAY Resona 7

Described as an innovative ultrasound scanner, the MINDRAY RESONA 7 will surpass your demands and objectives. Similar in technology to the RESONA I9, enjoy high definition imaging thanks to the combination of ZONE ® technology and the ZST+ tool.

The advantages of ZST+ technology:

  • Advanced acoustic acquisition
  • Dynamic pixel focus
  • Sound Velocity Compensation
  • Enhanced channel data processing
  • Total Recall Imaging
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Additional information

Type of ultrasound
Dimensions 945±10mm x 545±10 mm x 1360±10 mm
Weight 135 Kg


With the desire to improve and maximize your ultrasound examinations, the RESONA 7 will facilitate the taking of information with its various advanced functions: V Flow (Vector Flow), CEUS WN+, iFusion and “Sound Touch” elastography. To increase your productivity, this ultrasound scanner has a 12.1″ tiltable multi-touch interface and a six-way control panel. This ultrasound scanner has an ergonomic design that can be adapted to each practitioner.

The “intelligent” functions of the MINDRAY RESONA 7 ultrasound scanner:

  • Smart Face
  • Smart Pelvic
  • Smart FLC
  • Smart OB/NT

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