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More steps a day keep the doctor away!

By 10 April 2021November 16th, 2023No Comments
sondes ETO ultrasound probes
sondes ETO ultrasound probesIt is a rather surprising figure that was revealed by Doctor Jimmy Mohamed on the French radio station Europe 1: “50% of the French population doesn’t do any physical exercise.” This fact has obviously severe consequences on their health and more particularly on cardiology in general. The doctor warns: without falling in the opposite extreme of too much sport, there is a simple way to improve your heart’s health: walk more! Our expert laboratory, leader in the repair of all brands of ultrasound probes, tells you more.

The figures

A recent study followed for ten years almost 5000 American citizens over 40. Researchers gave them a pedometer and the results are indisputable. Walking 8000 steps a day, instead of 4000, “lowers by 50% the risk of death in the next 10 years for any reason, even more so for the risk cardiovascular disease”

Make your daily walks longer

A few more steps

Our daily walks already represent on average between 3000 and 4000 steps. We reach them without too much effort while going to work or running errands.

8000 steps at least

However, to go further and reach the famous 8000 steps, you would have to double your daily steps. Is it too much to ask for ? Not necessarily. 4000 steps represents approximately three kilometers, “you can do that in 40 minutes … maybe less” explains doctor Mohamed.

What does the WHO say ?

On that matter, the World Health Organization recommends 10000 steps a day. The risk of death from cardiovascular disease is then substantially reduced.

Walking isn’t the only way

That being said: “you shouldn’t obsess over your daily steps” warns Jimmy Mohamed. If walking is not one of your pet-peeves, other activities too can do the job.
For instance, did you know?
  • One minute cycling counts for 150 steps.
  • One minute swimming equals 96 steps.
“The idea there is to grasp is that we need to get moving to stay healthy” says the doctor.
However, walking has two other advantages: it is a gentle and regular activity and this can make a difference since regarding cardiology one should always wonder: “which sport to choose?“, our expert laboratory in the repair of all brands of ultrasound probes already addressed this topic before.