Philips LUMIFY

The Philips Lumify ultrasound scanner is the latest innovation in ultrasound scanning based on an application available on your compatible smart device.
Using the Philips Lumify is quite simple, the user needs to download the ‘Philips Lumify’ application to a smartphone or tablet. Then connect the probe connector to this compatible device. The connector is a USB type port, there is no need for a dedicated system to operate the portable ultrasound.

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Philips Lumify is a mobile application based ultrasound scanner, but it is not lacking in performance skills. Indeed, there are many image optimisation technologies. These include real-time SonoCT imaging, tissue harmonic imaging, XRES, adaptive imaging processing and AutoSCAN intelligent optimisation.
The Lumify includes 2D mode, M mode and colour Doppler mode.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and the design of the mobile application’s user interface, the Lumify reduces the learning curve for novice users. It can bring a large mobile ultrasound capability to your different departments, especially due to its mobility and flexibility.

Contrary to what you might think, the Philips Lumify has been developed to offer a very high quality image. It easily rivals that found on standard mid-range ultrasound scanners. Of all the portable devices available on the market, the Lumify offers the best image quality.

The only drawback of the Lumify is its price. This device is still relatively expensive, almost the price of a mid-range ultrasound scanner. While it does not offer the full range of applications and features of these.

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